CPMA advocates on behalf of industry with regulators and elected officials at both the federal and provincial levels.

Economic Impact of the Canadian Produce Industry  

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CPMA provides a forum for both industry members and government to dialogue on a wide range of issues and initiatives which may affect the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, including trade facilitation and standardization. CPMA places a strong emphasis on federal and provincial government advocacy on behalf of its members, and the produce industry at large, to ensure that there will be no unnecessarily complicated or restrictive regulations that impede the ability of members to market and sell fresh produce in Canada.

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Fruit and Vegetable Labelling

While there are many requirements, there are many 'grey' areas in the legislation and regulations that have the potential to create issues of non-compliance when developing a label. Without a clear understanding of the intricacies of the requirements and the relevant technical expertise, it can be extremely difficult to ensure that the label developed for the product will be acceptable for the Canadian marketplace.

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UPC and PLU Codes

UPC and PLU codes have been introduced to supermarkets to facilitate the check-out process at cashier level and control of the inventory.

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Food Safety

Within the fresh produce sector, the scope of issues associated with food safety is extremely broad. Issues concerning market access, industry capacity, consumer demand, media attention and the increasing number of guidelines, standards and programs are all considered.

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