For general questions about CPMA and our Convention and Trade Show, contact us at

Canadian Produce Marketing Association
162 Cleopatra Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2G 5X2

Telephone: (+1) 613-226-4187   |   Fax: (+1) 613-226-2984

Name Title Extension
Ron Lemaire President x209
Jane Proctor Vice President, Policy & Issue Management x212
Tracy Todd Vice President, Finance & Operations x220
Sue Lewis Vice President, Market Development x226
Stéphane Landreville Senior Manager, Information Technology x221
Jeff Hall Food Safety Specialist 647-409-3570
Jennifer Ong Tone Dietitian x219
Lyse McClelland Manager, Membership Development x232
Allan Gordon Manager, Communications x225
Ian Brodie Manager, Education x216
Shannon Sommerauer Manager, Policy & Issue Management x235
Wally Burns Manager, Information Technology x214
Victor Marcu Accounting Assistant x211
Selena Karkash Marketing Coordinator x213
Nicole Jeffrey Event Planner, Trade Show & Events x217
Suraiya Gangji Administrative Assistant x210