Across the agri-food sector ambitious targets are being set to reduce the environmental footprint of producing and supplying food. The report Agri-Food Sustainability Targets canvassed the practices of over 50 agri-food organizations, sector initiatives, food companies and governments from Canada and abroad and how these are influencing marketplace and national responses. Metrics and benchmarks are being increasingly deployed to operate, compete and contribute to economic viability in this rapidly changing agri-food world.

The report is an output of a broad group of stakeholders who have come together to examine the need and influencing factors relative to establishing targets for the Canadian agri-food sector – CPMA is a partner in this effort and participates on the Steering Committee.

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CPMA_BulletLeaf   Press Release - Agri-Food Sustainability Targets (October 2020)
CPMA_BulletLeaf   Executive Summary - Agri-Food Sustainability Targets (October 2020)
CPMA_BulletLeaf   Report Agri-Food Sustainability Targets (October 2020)