Canadian Food Safety FundIn 2015, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Board of Directors and membership identified food safety as a top priority to ensure the ongoing viability and growth of the fresh produce sector in Canada. They understood that a food safety incident in one commodity group or segment could have devastating repercussions throughout the business, and that the Canadian Industry needed a dedicated food safety group to lead the charge.

As the voice of the produce industry in Canada, CPMA created a dedicated food safety group within their Industry Simplification group. Food safety, in conjunction with the regulatory, government relations, education and technology groups, provide members with a suite of subject matter experts they can access to assist them when an issue arises.

We recognize the need for ongoing Canadian-focused research and education in the areas of pathogens, regulatory changes and best practices so members can stay at the forefront of food safety in Canada. The CFSF will help facilitate and disseminate the important work, current and future, occurring in the produce industry.

A part of food safety’s mandate is to provide members with information, through education, research or other projects, on food safety and related issues that affect the Canadian produce industry. To that end, the Canadian Food Safety Fund (CFSF) was created as a means of financing these activities.

Contribute to Canadian Food Safety Fund

Join your fellow industry leaders in contributing to the safety of the fresh produce sector in Canada!

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Our goals

  • Support vital, Canadian-focused, food safety research;
  • Develop educational programs and key information for members on existing and emerging human pathogens related to produce; and
  • Increase government outreach to address food safety issues across North America.


The CFSF will be governed as follows:
  1. CPMA’s Board has oversite of all CPMA activities.
  2. CPMA’s Food Safety Technical Sub-Committee, which reports to CPMA’s Food Safety Committee (FSC) will review research proposals and make recommendations to the FSC.
  3. The FSC will identify successful proposals and determine funding allocation.

Benefits to CPMA Members

The CFSF will provide the following benefits to CPMA members:
  1. Access educational opportunities, research projects, and special resources that may otherwise be cost prohibitive for individual or small organizations.
  2. Receive expert advice on the Canadian market.
  3. Suggest or initiate commodity specific projects to address opportunities or challenges faced by your business.
  4. Contribute to the overall body of scientific knowledge which, in turn, will result in the development of new, more efficient, more economical practices within the industry.

Partnership Opportunities and Funding

Academia, governments and like-minded associations are considered as potential co-sponsors of activities within the CFSF. A number of these organizations have begun expressing interest in working with CPMA and the activities proposed within the CFSF. Partners will be listed here as they are announced.

Funding Model of the CFSF

Funding of the CFSF will be requested from within the CPMA’s membership. A modest annual contribution will be requested along with the additional opportunity for members to sponsor specific projects. All contributions will count towards overall CPMA contributions and Center Plate status.

By pooling our resources, all CPMA members doing business in Canada will benefit from these initiatives. We intend to commission food safety research from universities and colleges—work that individual companies would find cost-prohibitive. We will also look for matching federal, provincial and territorial funds on projects.

Become a contributor today by completing the CPMA Food Safety Fund Sponsorship Form or by contacting Jeff Hall.

Current Projects and Calls for Proposals

CPMA 2019-09-20 Canadian Food Safety Fund Update

Check back regularly for new opportunities and information.