Organic Produce

Detailed information about the trend in Organic produce is available in a trends document compiled by CPMA as well as part of the Fresh Facts for Industry series.

Fresh Facts for Industry: Organics (pdf)

Five percent of Canadian producers reporting to a 2005 Statistics Canada survey considered themselves to be organic producers. Organic farms account for 1.8% of the total commercial fruit area under cultivation and about 1.5% of the commercial vegetable area under cultivation.1

Organic Regulations for Agricultural Products

Regulations regarding Organic Regulations for Agricultural Products came into effect on June 30, 2009.5

Only multi-ingredient products, the contents of which are at least 95% organic products, and organic products other than multi-ingredient products, may bear the logo or the designations "Organic" and "Biologique", or other similar terms.

The purpose of the regulations is to establish a system by which the Canada Food Inspection Agency, as competent authority, may regulate the use of the "Organic" agricultural product legend.

British Columbia and Quebec are currently the only self regulating provinces.4

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